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How Much Can I Afford?

General Fleet Brokers, Inc. uses a simple equation as a guide to help determine the affordability of a monthly payment. An affordable monthly payment can be between 15-20% of your gross income (your income before taxes or insurance is deducted). This will give an estimate of your automobile budget for all your vehicle payments. Keep in mind that other factors do affect the affordability of your payment. Payments may be lower based on the amount of down payment. At times, the term of the contract can be extended to make your payment fit your budget. Both General Fleet Brokers, Inc. staff, and its outside lenders are trained and knowledgeable professionals whose goal it is to make the payments fit your budget.

General Fleet Brokers uses a simple equation to help us determine the monthly payment you can afford.


Your monthly income

x .20 (20%)

Amount of Monthly Payment

+ Insurance




+ Insurance

To complete the purchase process, we will need some additional information and documentation. General Fleet Brokers has added this check list to make the process as simple as possible. Please have the following documents available:

  • Drivers License

  • Proof of Insurance

  • Year to Date Pay Stub

  • Phone Bill

  • Electric Bill

  • Proof of Residence

  • Six (6) References

  • Down Payment

Don't be concerned if you do not have all of these documents. There are many substitutions available for each document listed above. These are simply the ones that most people have available. If you are not able to supply some of these, your sales representative will help you with any alternate documents you will need.

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Good Credit

GFB has an outstanding selection of good used cars at great prices. When you have good credit, we can work with you to find the right financing option for you.

Bad Credit

At GFB we understand that bad things happen to good people. We offer same day financing and report monthly to the credit bureau to help re-establish your credit.

No Credit

General Fleet Brokers offers a First Time Buyers Program, working with you to pick out your first car so you can begin establishing excellent credit.

No Problem

Had a really bad run of luck? GFB is here to help you pick up the peaces and get you back on the road again. We have an outstanding selection and we can finance YOU!